What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps grow companies by attracting visitors that lead to conversions. The main goal of SEO is to help increase website rankings in search engines.

Unfortunately SEO has garnered a rather harsh reputation.  They are accused of SPAM, manipulation, being unethical, and breaking the rules. In the past such techniques worked well enough to warrant using them for some SEO companies. The smart ones figured out pretty quick that search engines such as Google would not be inept and leave such ranking manipulation schemes valid. While short term gains were secured for these “SEO’s” the longevity of their success was limited.

Once the Search Engines updated their algorithm’s the real SEO’s are able to flourish, not limiting their focus to one aspect but rather a cascade that encompasses the wholeness that is web marketing. 

Reputable SEO’s help build Brands.

How can SEO help businesses?

SEO not only helps with search rankings but can also help drive additional value with email, content, branding, PR, outreach/sales, advertising, customer service, community building.


WHY SEO Coach?

Founded by Brad Abbott who with years of experience and a portfolio of high level Enterprise clients, it was clear to him that a great segment of businesses were getting neglected because they did not have the capital funding that was necessary to compete with the assistance of a Corporate SEO Firm. Wanting to help these small and medium businesses he decided to dedicate himself to not only providing them with SEO services but also “coaching” them along the way. SEO shouldn’t be some sort of secret, it is hard work but anyone can be successful if they work at it.

Service Area



SEO Coach believes that each web profile and goals are unique.

Some of the custom solutions include:


  • Keyword research is an essential part component of SEO. You want to rank for keywords (the words or phrases that members of a market type into a search engine in order to explore a particular market) that are relevant to your specific market or niche. It is also important to evaluate the market competition for keywords, sometimes keywords that have seemingly low value can be extremely difficult to rank while the reverse is also sometimes true.

    SEO Coach helps identify keywords that are relevant and that will lead to increase in revenues for your business.

  • A big portion of SEO consists of page optimization. After all how can users, let alone search engines, give relevance to your site if these metrics don’t reflect your brand.  SEO Coach will analyze your target pages and make recommendations to optimize elements including; title tags, H1 tags, meta-descriptions, meta-keywords, as well as text content evaluation.

    By optimizing these on page factors, it will help make it clear to search engines as well as users on the intent of the page. Contact SEO Coach today to start optimizing your website.

  • One of the fundamental metrics that Google uses to help them organize the search engine results page [SERP] is that of links between websites. When websites linked to each other they are essentially saying “I trust the source and my authority on my websites should be passed to the linking website.” This means that links from highly authoritative websites bring more value than links from low authority websites. However ever since 2012 Google has cracked down on fictitious links. There was once a time when a webmaster could acquire a link from any high authority website and see positive results reflected on their website. Google constantly updates its algorithm and are more and more able to tell when a fictitious link is procured, when they find them they can levy penalties or even remove your website from the SERPs completely.

    It is easy to question the validity of link building when such severe penalties can be applied to your websites, but linking is still a fundamental metric in Google’s algorithm. Linking still shows trust between websites. It is where the links are required that has changed.

    The experts at SEO Coach have years of experience in research and blog relations. Our team is committed to building great links with value to help increase your internet rankings.

  • It’s smart to evaluate your online competition, not only will he give you insights into how they have achieved their rankings, but it will also lead to opportunities where you can increase the strength of your own websites. Competition analysis can also lead to improvements on page metrics.

    The first thing that needs to be accomplished is to identify competitors, which are not necessarily the same competitors you would think of in traditional means of marketing. Competitors in a “SEO sense” are those that are ranking for keywords that your website should also rank for.

    SEO Coach evaluates on and off page metrics for search results for target and potential keywords that your competitors rank for, giving you the competitive advantage and the ability to capitalize on potential linking opportunities.

    SEO Coach continues to monitor competitors on an on-going basis giving a clearer reflection of the competition and ROI opportunities.

  • SEO Coach analyzes Google Webmaster Tools metrics and highlights any issues that require attention. Google Webmasters Tools has a very sophisticated message center where they notify web masters about issues related to:

    • Inbound links and profile growth
    • Website performance
    • Content performance with Google
    • Violations of Google terms of services
    • On page related issues
    • Crawlability and index status

    SEO coach will evaluate the message center and ensure that no messages require immediate attention. Other metrics such as ensuring optimal geographic targeting are all taken care of with SEO Coach.

  • Let’s face it, we are not all authors. Sometimes we have very valuable information that we would like to convey to our readers that transitions into great posts, but often webmasters struggle to find topics and then develop them into valuable pieces of content that will engage their audience. SEO coach has contacts with many North American writers in a variety of niches and expertise, thus ensuring content that is developed for your website and for marketing your website is accurate and professional.

    SEO Coach also works with websites to help come up with ideas that may be valuable in driving traffic and therefore helping build brands.


Projects are individually tailored to the specific needs of the client’s goals. Some webmasters can expect to see results with as little as $500 per month while others would need significantly more investment, SEO Coach services clients right up to $5000 per month. Everything is tailored to the client’s specific needs and situation. If you would like a custom quote please contact us today.

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